Nurhu was created to produce sustainable snack bars that are good for you and the planet. We are always striving to provide you with a healthy, tasty and sustainable snacking option. Here are the ways we are doing this...

Zero plastic wrapper

We use the world’s first edible wrapper on all of our bars. This completely natural food coating does everything a normal wrapper would do. It extends the shelf life, protects the bars and makes them waterproof and washable - without using any plastic whatsoever! Together, we can reduce the need for plastic, one bar at a time.

Compostable Packaging

Our packaging is home compostable, it is classified as OK compost HOME certified by TÜV AUSTRIA. This means our packaging can compost at ambient temperatures without any industrial interference and will eventually break down by itself.

Sustainably sourced ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully chosen to have as little impact on the planet as possible. Our oats are sourced from a Scottish supplier for low food miles. Also, we avoid using ingredients which are harmful to the planet such as palm oil and high fructose corn syrup.

Low carbon ingredients

We are currently assessing our bars to measure their environmental footprint. We are working with Foodsteps who as environmental consultants, carry out life cycle assessments to determine the carbon footprint of foods. In the near future, our packaging will have carbon impact labels that will give you a complete environmental breakdown of our ingredients.

Cold pressed

We use less energy in the processing of our bars than most big brands through cold pressing our bars. In the manufacturing of most snacks, a large amount of energy is used in the cooking and baking of ingredients and the product. Our method of production is cold pressed meaning no heat is needed in the moulding of our bars, reducing energy use and environmental impact.

Going forward

At Nurhu we like to be transparent. As a small business, we know we’re not perfect. We are on a continual mission to reduce our impact on the environment whilst never compromising on taste or quality. We are constantly looking for ways to increase our sustainability credentials even further. Join us on our journey of always improving and becoming better.