Our bar’s coating is completely waterproof. This means you can give the bars a quick rinse after taking them out of your pocket if you like. This also means the bars have the added bonus of being sweat-proof and that there won’t be any problems if you get caught out in the rain. That’s why they’re a perfect snack for runners, cyclists or anyone on an adventure.


Nurhu bars are covered in a natural edible layer which does everything a normal wrapper would do but without the waste. Our edible wrapper is completely pocket-proof: they are happy being in a hot and wet pocket and will not get sticky. There’s no need to waste time unwrapping one of our bars meaning they are ready to go whenever and wherever you are.


Nurhu's protective glaze is completely edible and consists of all natural ingredients. It is also flavourless which is great because that means it doesn't affect the taste of our delicious bars!