Say hello to Nurhu’s founder Mike Bedford. Nurhu launched in early 2022 in the picturesque town of Harpenden in Hertfordshire. As an avid cyclist Mike was fed up of seeing the beautiful British countryside littered with rubbish and with the excessive amount of plastic packaging in the world and decided action needed to be taken.

After lots of experimenting the Nurhu bar that exists today began to emerge: an oat-based snack bar with a rice paper label, printed with edible ink and covered in an edible wrapper. Each bar is packed with healthy and nutritious ingredients, providing you with delicious, revolutionary energy to help fuel your day.

At Nurhu we are focused on making tasty snack bars that have a low environmental impact. Not only do we not use plastic or create unnecessary litter, our bars are cold pressed instead of baked and we use sustainably sourced, low carbon footprint ingredients as much as we can. We also source local ingredients to cut down on delivery miles where possible. We’ve created Nurhu to give you a sustainable option when it comes to snacking without you having to compromise on taste.

We’re on a mission to reduce waste and we’re passionate about leading the way to a sustainable future.