We have some exciting news...

You may have noticed that a few things have changed around here. That’s right… we have had a really exciting rebrand!
The Nurhu brand has had a complete overhaul and now looks fresher than ever, but don’t worry, we are still bringing you the same delicious, revolutionary energy bars - only now even better than before!
Our website has got a brand-new look and now has more exciting features. Here on our website and on our social media, we will be bringing you even more entertaining content than before.
From interesting educational articles to exciting event coverage, through to tantalising competitions we have you covered - so make sure you give us a follow (@eatnurhu for those not in the know already).
We’ve reduced the amount of packaging in our retail and postal packs to help reduce waste even further. We’ve boosted our flavours and made them even tastier than before - check out our blog next week to hear all about these.
Our rebrand includes launching three flavours without nuts! We obviously want to make our snack bars available to all and suitable for any situation. This means they can be put in school lunchboxes and can be enjoyed by the little ones too. What’s not to love?!
We know it can be tricky to find a sustainable, healthy snack that also tastes great, so we made it our mission to bring that to you. From improving our sustainability credentials even further, to exciting new product ranges, we have big plans for our future.
Make sure you stay updated to be the first to hear about our exciting plans and launches.
We cannot wait to talk to you again soon!

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